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ECMO-TO-GO - Long Island Jewish Medical Center, North Shore University Hospital, Southside Hospital
Team lead and Senior Administrative Director, Central Operations, Paul Travlos, (front and center), Frank Manetta, Robert Raffaele, Kevin Cunningham, Joseph Greco, Brian Lima, Michael J. Huber, Maude Martocci (left to right) and Patrick Socias
quotation mark Teamwork is only the beginning of what makes the group standout. Their coordination and attitude is more akin to ‘synergy,’ an amalgamation of technical proficiency, compassion and considered interventions, the sum of whose parts creates the highest standard of quality and service available anywhere.
Nominator David Brody, Vice President, Service Line Administrator, Physician Partners

Made up of a team of well-honed specialists, ECMO-TO-GO takes its life-saving skills wherever they are needed, elevating the level of care available to seriously ill patients.

The team develops its successes with the cardiopulmonary bypass technique through continuity of communication and care delivered by all team members, commitment to continuous improvement and the depth of care provided by experts from across Northwell. The innovative approach of the team traveling to the patient rather than the other way around means a highly qualified, seasoned team is available to the sickest of patients. With a mortality rate of about 50 percent in these kinds of patients, the concept of such a team grew out of the establishment of an acute lung injury program at Long Island Jewish Medical Center and the launch of a heart transplant program. Northwell physicians recognized the need to provide stable, quality care as quickly as possible, leading to the ECMO-TO- GO program.

The strength of the group comes from their ability to harness their differences in expertise to meet the dire needs of a complicated patient population. They do so with seamless coordination, deep compassion and deliberate communication, ultimately forging something stronger than any individual person.

2019 President’s Awards winner - Teamwork, ECMO-TO-GO.