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Carmen Rodriguez, MD, FACOG
Voluntary Physician, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Long Island Jewish Medical Center
quotation mark Dr. Rodriguez’s ability to provide an exceptional patient experience is only matched by her impressive surgical skills and courage. She is consistent in her approach - one can never tell whether she has been working for 36 hours or just arrived to take care of a patient.
Nominator Richard Schwarz, MD, Medical Director, Long Island Jewish Medical Center

An excellent bedside manner and the care she provides to her patients distinguishes the work of Dr. Carmen Rodriguez and moves many people to say, “She’s the best.” Regarded as reliable, dependable and talented, she is also humble and unpretentious. Dr. Rodriguez leads by example for all clinicians and team members. And her contributions go beyond kindness and compassion. She is known to take on some of the most difficult gynecological challenges via laparotomy, laparoscopic and robotic modalities. Dr. Rodriguez will always fight to defend the reproductive rights of her patients.

Dr. Rodriguez also plays an active role in the affairs and governance of the hospital. She is the associate chair of the Long Island Jewish Medical Center – Performance Improvement Coordinating Group (LIJMC PICG). She is also a member of the OBGYN department PICG. Dr. Rodriguez finds the time to participate in performance improvement initiatives because she believes that everyone benefits when better care is rendered, mainly for the patient and the community at large, but also for the clinical and administrative team member. She is the first female president-elect of the LIJ Medical Staff Society.

2019 President’s Awards winner - Physician of the Year, Carmen Rodriguez