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Adrian Mazur
Chaplain, Cohen Children’s Medical Center
quotation mark Although we all hope for positive outcomes for all of our patients, the reality is that not all will survive. In these most difficult times, Adrian’s ability to comfort and console becomes most important. In a letter, one parent said, ‘Adrian became one of the most important people in the hospital.'
Nominator Amy Karriker, Director, Chaplaincy Services, Cohen Children’s Medical Center

Chaplain Adrian Mazur has chosen to work in the midst of medical crisis, supporting the smallest patients and their families in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit as they try to cope with life-threatening illnesses. It is his empathy that others quickly notice as he helps fearful, weary and distressed parents who are trying to cope with some of the worst days of their lives.

Adrian, who came to the ministry from a career in finance and volunteer work with an orphanage in Ukraine, works with adolescents in pediatric hematology/oncology. There, he helps to establish a connection and genuine trust as the young patients face their own mortality, changes in their appearance and an overall loss of health and stamina.

Often, Adrian plays a significant role in the lives of families who ultimately lose their child to illness. In one instance, he later drove through a snowstorm to be with one such couple at the birth of another child. It is through his presence, compassion, dedication, prayers and listening ear that he helps patients and parents redefine their hopes and maintain their dreams. Adrian’s presence brings a vitality to the hospital and all those he touches.

2019 President’s Awards winner
Exceptional Patient/Customer Experience, Adrian Mazur