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Christy and Jennifer are each one in 61,000

By Julie Shapiro, Writer

Everything is a family affair with these sisters and best friends.

Only two years apart, Jennifer Baumgarten, a project coordinator in HR, and Christy Randazzo, a business analyst, were raised like twins – same dance classes, same cheerleading squad, same after-school job at their dad’s party and Halloween supply store. He wanted them to help out with customers, but the sisters had other plans. “We’d play around opening the packages of Halloween makeup to give each other fake black-eyes, or we’d give our dad a huge, ugly forehead pimple,” Jen laughs.

“We were always into makeup, so when a customer would point to a zombie costume and say, ‘I want to look like that’ we’d reply, ‘OK, but the costume is just the first step. Let us show you how to do the makeup.’”

Before long, Christy and Jennifer would have people coming to the store specifically to have their makeup applied by the duo. They developed a loyal following and worked on mastering their craft.

It was the birth of a side job that would become a shared passion.

“We watch A LOT of YouTube videos and take classes to really perfect our technique,” Christy explains. “We took a master class given by a famous special effects artist and he used me as a model, so I got to walk around Manhattan with my ‘skin’ falling off my face. People were looking at me like, ‘Why aren’t you at the hospital right now?’ It was great.”

It’s no surprise that Jennifer and Christy come from an artistic family. Mom is an art teacher and baby sister Allison is a handbag designer and both are FIT grads. “Allison's been learning the family ‘business’ recently, too, joining us for big jobs and learning the ropes,” Jennifer says.

Christy adds, “It’s funny because we live this double life - during the week we are serious business women with corporate jobs and business clothes, working for a great company. But on weekends, we spend our time playing with guts and gore. It’s fun. And we get to do it together, which is the best part.”

Note: Jennifer and Christy continue to do everything together, including working at Northwell. Their sister, Allison, does not work at the health system…yet. Mwah-ha-ha-ha.

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