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Man's face with sunglasses, Northwell logo painted on his cheek
There's more to us than meets the eye
Our health system is made up of thousands of dedicated professionals—all devoted to making your Northwell experience the best it can be. Meet some of them here, and learn about the hobbies and interests that make them unique.

Arlene Butterklee has been treating patients as a radiation therapist for more than 20 years. But on weekends, she turns her attention to those of the four-legged variety. She's put an amazing amount of effort into breeding, training and showing champions of a very rare dog breed.

Lana Illiano spends her days in a high-tech world of web production. But her upbringing was anything but high-tech. Learn some fascinating details about her life and get a glimpse of her very silly side—oh, and if you bump into her, feel free to call her Bugsy.

Dr. Peter Sultan works on patients’ hips and knees all day long so they can get back to doing what they love. But what does he love? Model helicopters! Learn about his passion for building them and just how international his pet projects can be.

Dr. Janice Francis is both an anesthesiologist and a proud holder of the American record for heaviest deadlift in her age and weight class. She finds powerlifting "empowering" and says lifting does a lot for the body and mind. Learn more about her weighty passion.

Christine Carbone likes to spend her free time getting amazing photos. And the subjects are not exactly colorful sunsets and lush landscapes. There's a photography genre called urban exploring, and this administrative manager has fallen in love with it. See what inspires her creative soul.

Jim Bozzi spends his days filling prescriptions for patients in need. But when the night comes, his tune changes quite a bit. He swaps his white coat for head-to-toe black and entertains clamoring crowds with some impressive saxophone performances.

Marlene Kolodziej may be a high-level executive, but that doesn't mean her busy schedule is without fun. She's got some pretty diverse interests, ranging from custom furniture building to bow hunting. Oh, and she's a founding member of a women's motorcycle club. 

Margaret Pellizzari enjoys her time as program coordinator and assistant nurse manager of pediatric endocrinology, but she's got another passion—belly dancing. See why dancing for her is so much more than just having fun at parties in gorgeous, shimmering costumes. 

Lesly St. Louis has never let a spinal disorder slow him down. See how this inclusion specialist not only embraces his wheelchair, but impresses with some serious skills on a basketball team ranked No. 1 in the country.




When life gives Adrian Ashby lemons, he turns them into something much more delicious. See how cooking has been an amazing outlet for this executive office supervisor. And how his unique twist on many recipes has landed him in dozens of cooking competitions.

Juliet Galvez has an adventurous side that takes her quite far from her office at Lenox Hill—and takes hiking to new levels (quite literally). See how she looks danger in the eye and finds peace and relaxation regardless of what nature throws her way.

Dr. Todd Goldstein may be a dedicated medical researcher for the largest healthcare system in New York, but that doesn't mean he doesn't know how to let loose. Check out this PhD's love of traveling, adventure—and all things extreme.

Craig Washington had quite a list of accomplishments before joining the staff at Zucker Hillside. See how his time with the U.S. Air Force and his experiences overseas have transformed his entire outlook on life. 

Michael Dowling, president and CEO of Northwell Health, grew up in a small cottage in Ireland. He recalls that his mother had taught her children to never let their circumstances in life limit their potential. And he most certainly didn’t. Learn more about Michael's incredible story.

Sisters Jennifer Baumgarten, HR project coordinator, and Christy Randazzo, business analyst, may have different professional lives, but they always shared interests as kids. And one of those has certainly stuck. See what happens when two girls are really into makeup.

Brian Mayberry is passionate about creating things with his hands—personally and professionally. See how this painter's love of creating costumes brings quite a bit of joy to those he meets. And learn about the long journey of strength and will power it's been to get to where he is today.