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Medical Toxicology Program

Medical toxicologists at the Department of Emergency Medicine at Northwell Health's North Shore University Hospital, provide medical toxicology consulting services for emergency patients suffering from toxic exposures. Staffed by four board-certified medical toxicologists and three toxicology fellows in training, our specialized medical toxicology consulting services evaluate and treat patients with health problems relating to exposure to toxins such as:

  • Adverse drug events – injury resulting from the use of a drug
  • Medication overdose – the ingestion or application of a drug in quantities greater than recommended
  • Environmental poisoning – poisoning resulting directly from the individual’s environment, such as air and water pollution, pesticides or asbestos
  • Substance abuse – a pattern of harmful use of any substance for mood-altering purposes
  • Acute withdrawal – a group of symptoms that occurs as a result of the cessation of addictive chemicals such as drugs and alcohol

Our medical toxicologists perform bedside evaluations at North Shore University Hospital and Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children's Medical Center of New York. We also see patients biweekly in our outpatient clinic to evaluate for sub-acute and chronic poisoning. Our medical toxicology physicians provide uncompromising care and expertise for poisoned adults and children. This specialized care may be life-saving, particularly in unusual or difficult cases.

Medical Toxicology Fellowship

Medical Toxicology Fellowship opportunities are offered at North Shore University Hospital. The Department of Emergency Medicine provides a comprehensive two-year Medical Toxicology Fellowship program, accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), the organization responsible for the accreditation of post-MD medical training programs in the United States.

The Medical Toxicology Fellowship program gives fellows the opportunity to learn from the world's leading toxicology experts in a well-rounded, robust learning environment at one of the top teaching hospitals in the Northeast. To optimize and diversify the clinical experience, our Medical Toxicology Fellowship program is affiliated with: New York City Poison Control Center, the Long Island Regional Drug & Poison Information Center and Long Island Jewish Medical Center/Cohen Children's Medical Center of NY.

Toxicology fellows are also involved in a faculty-practice toxicology clinic where patients with exposures to sub-acute or occupational/environmental poisonings are evaluated. This diversified clinical experience gives fellows the opportunity to learn about toxicology problems in various settings.