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A group of 3 doctors talking to each other in the beautiful lobby of a hospital
Commitment to care
Northwell Health is committed to providing top-tier medical services to the communities we serve—with a depth and breadth of offerings that extend beyond hospital doors.

Division of Diversity, Inclusion and Health Literacy

As our surrounding communities have become increasingly diverse, we at Northwell Health have formalized our diversity, inclusion and health literacy strategy. Advancing cultural and linguistic competence and promoting effective health care communication are key components of our mission to provide excellent patient-centered care, eliminate health disparities and enhance health outcomes for patients, families and members of our communities.

Diversity, Inclusion and Health Literacy (DIHL) is a division of the Office of Community and Public Health. We drive Northwell Health's mission to promote, sustain and advance an environment that supports equity, diversity, health literacy and community. Strategies and principles of DIHL are essential to transforming the health and wellness of all our populations.

Health literacy

Healthcare for all

Every person who enters a Northwell Health hospital or facility has unique experiences and needs. That's why we don't stop at treating our patients—we work on educating them, too.

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