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Patients are in the hospital because of a medical crisis. As they struggle with their illness, a natural inclination is to ask: “Why me?”

Chaplains help create a sacred space for people of all faiths and cultural beliefs in stressful, life-changing or transitional moments to find meaning, hope, connection and comfort by enabling them to identify and draw upon their own sources of inner strength.

All our chaplains are clinically trained and provide quality spiritual care that is informed by best practices and centered on the needs of patients and families.

Mission and vision

  • System Chaplaincy Services Mission: To provide patients, their loved ones, staff, students and community spiritual care that is compassionate, reduces suffering and leads to healing.
  • System Chaplaincy Services Vision: To provide the highest quality spiritual care to persons of any faith or spiritual path; educating future generations of professional chaplains; and growing positive relationships with the diverse faith groups in our community.

Services we offer

We provide religious, spiritual and existential services such as:

  • Help to find meaning, renewed hope and comfort
  • Support when you are making difficult decisions
  • Support if you want to reconcile with someone, or with God
  • Stress reduction and enhanced coping
  • Prayer
  • Holy Communion or other religious rituals or sacraments
  • Discussion of advance directives
  • Assistance contacting a member of your faith community
  • Religious items such as Bibles, rosaries, Qur’ans, prayer books, prayer rugs and head coverings

Our team

head shot of John Overvold

Rev. Jon A. Overvold, M.Div., BCC

Corporate Director, System Chaplaincy Services, Northwell Health

head shot of Jong Bae

Rev. Jongmi Bae, M.Div., BCC, ACPE Supervisor

Manager of Chaplaincy Education System Chaplaincy Services, Northwell Health