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A doctor examines her patient's shoulder for skin diseases
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The Department of Dermatology at Northwell Health is staffed by highly trained, board-certifed specialists who provide the very best care for the full spectrum of conditions involving the skin, hair and nails.

Our mission is to serve as leaders not only in patient care, but also in teaching and research relevant to diseases of the skin. We do this by extensively training and working alongside the very best physicians and visionary leaders in the specialty of dermatology.

We also engage in translational research, early phase clinical trials research for difficult to treat conditions, as well as in patient-centered health services research, which will help pave the way for new models of dermatologic care in the near future.

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Not at all, but education and sunscreen do!
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Skin cancer signs

The ABCDEs of melanoma

Northwell Health dermatologist and Mohs skin cancer surgeon Dr. Victoria Sharon explains how to look for the most common signs of skin cancer, also known as the ABCDEs of melanoma. 

Skin cancer self exam
8 easy steps

Skin cancers come in many shapes and sizes. Learn what to look for during a self exam so you can detect them early.

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