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Genetics and Epidemiology of Absolute Pitch and Related Cognitive Traits
Sponsor: Northwell Health

The purpose of the study is to investigate the overall genetic and environmental contribution to absolute pitch, (a rare musical ability) and related cognitive traits.  This study has established that absolute pitch has a strong genetic basis, identified the location of genes on two chromosomes and is focused on identifying the specific genes. The study demonstrated that the trait is phenotypically and genetically closely related to synesthesia, a neurological condition. In addition, the researchers developed novel iOS apps that test for variation in musical pitch perception in the general population. Large population studies could provide a strong model for further research on related cognitive traits and autism, a disorder in which increased incidence of absolute pitch has been reported. 


  • Principal investigator:
    • Peter Gregersen, MD

  • Coordinators:


Feinstein Institute for Medical Research
350 Community DrManhasset, NY 11030