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Beating emergencies to the starting line

When you’re experiencing a medical emergency, response time is crucial and every second counts. Using advanced routing technology — called geospatial predictive modeling — our EMTs and paramedics are getting to patients faster than ever before.

Our state-of-the-art communications center uses smart routing tools to determine which areas are most in need of staff and resources, allowing us to park ambulances in neighborhoods with high risks for emergencies. When an emergency occurs, our dispatchers locate and alert the closest ambulance. And because important information can be shared with hospital staff while en route to the emergency room, potentially lifesaving care can be delivered much more quickly.

Have you seen that Northwell ambulance parked on the corner? Now you know why. It’s in a high-risk area to save time — and lives.

Intelligent EMS Routing

Teaming up to save lives

The growing shortage of volunteer fire, emergency, and medical personnel - along with the rising costs for local governments - has become a national problem, prompting an increasing number of municipalities to reach out to hospitals, medical centers, and private companies to provide lifesaving EMS services. Our CEMS team has made a highly acclaimed, groundbreaking approach to providing additional help and support to local ambulance emergency services.

Forging strong relationships

Working with local municipalities and other agencies brings Northwell Health into the community in a very real and visible way. Our EMTs and paramedics respond as part of the local 911 system to help patients long before reaching the emergency department – giving you and your family a safe and positive experience at an otherwise difficult time.

These public-private EMS partnerships are designed to preserve the traditions of the volunteer fire service, respect the practice of home-rule and result in substantial savings for taxpayers. Our EMS partners include:

  • Hempstead
  • Lake Success
  • Lynbrook
  • Malverne
  • Old Westbury
  • Rockville Centre
  • Port Authority of NY and NJ (LaGuardia Airport)
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