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Elderly female patient laying on exam room table looking at female doctor wearing white coat and stethoscope
We offer the right expertise for your vascular condition

Vascular issues are common in people over 50. So it's good to know that our specialists are here to offer you and the ones you love exceptional care for the full spectrum of vascular conditions, including varicose veins and blocked blood vessels.


Who we are

Vascular surgery is a surgery specialty in which diseases of the vascular system (arteries and veins) are managed by medical therapy, minimally invasive catheter procedures and surgical reconstruction. Vascular surgeons may work to restore blood flow to an area of the body after trauma, disease or another issue damages blood vessels.

What can we help you find?
Department of Surgery

Leading the way in surgical care

As part of the Department of Surgery, we offer the highest quality surgical care from the region's top surgeons, including minimally invasive options. We have the surgical expertise to treat a wide range of conditions from the common to the complex.

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