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Four dimensional image of a heart shows blood flow and heart function in real time, with more detail and accuracy than ever before.
100% devoted to seeing more of your heart than ever before
Northwell Health doctors are researching the future of heart scans: 4D imaging. Not only is this game-changing technology fast and safe, it also shows blood flow and heart function with more detail and accuracy than previously thought possible.
Play video for 100% devoted to seeing more of your heart than ever before

With fast, clear 4D imagery, we can detect life-threatening conditions before they threaten your life.

Our doctors are researching 4D imaging technology from advanced fluid dynamics, to better see how blood flows around your heart in real time. With no blind spots and greater clarity than other imaging methods used in most hospitals, 4D imaging is the closest we’ve come to seeing the inside of your heart from the outside.

What does this mean for you or someone you love? A better chance of doctors pinpointing your specific condition, as well as preventing conditions from getting worse. It’s a crucial tool to help assess and combat congenital heart defects, congestive heart failure, pulmonary hypertension and other complex, potentially fatal issues. Plus, it’s safe, quick and easy. No contrast. No radiation. No anesthesia.  

We currently offer this technology to select cardiac patients at Lenox Health Greenwich Village, a facility of Lenox Hill Hospital, and we’re working hard to make it available to everyone.

Clinical trial

We believe every patient should have access to 4D heart imaging

Our study will demonstrate the unmatched benefits of this leading-edge technology, so that other healthcare providers follow suit. It’s another way we’re raising not just our standard, but the standard of heart care.

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Michael Poon, MD

Specialties: Cardiology

Jennifer Conroy, MD

Specialties: Cardiology, Internal Medicine

Shahryar Giles Saba, MD

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Specialties: Cardiology, Internal Medicine
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