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Richard Barakat, MD
A new look for comprehensive cancer care
By recruiting top cancer specialists and expanding services, Richard Barakat, MD, is standardizing care at the Northwell Health Cancer Institute.
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Wasif Saif, MD, creates meaningful physician-patient connections, guarding quality of life as deputy physician-in-chief and director of medical oncology at the Northwell Health Cancer Institute.
Director of Surgical Oncology Matthew Weiss, MD, is taking on the toughest problems to restore hope for people with pancreatic or liver cancer.
Leading one of the largest radiation oncology programs in the country, Louis Potters, MD, talks about standardizing care with the latest technology and extensive ancillary services.
Robert Maki, MD, PhD
The accelerating advances of cancer research
Robert Maki, MD, PhD, on clinical trials, Northwell's partnership with Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and the ongoing war on cancer.
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