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What is Trilogy® System?

The Trilogy® system is an advanced radiotherapy platform that combines real-time image guidance and beam delivery to accurately and precisely target tumors. The system has real-time imaging tools that allow for visualization of the tumor and monitoring of how the tumor moves internally with the patient’s breathing patterns.

By having this information, radiologists can synchronize the radiation treatment delivery with the patient’s breathing to precisely target the tumor and minimize radiation to healthy tissues.   

Trilogy system delivers the following therapies from one device:

The Department of Radiation Medicine offers a wide range of safe, effective and compassionate radiation therapy options for adults and children at locations across Long Island, Manhattan, Staten Island and Westchester.

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Why it's done

The Trilogy system is specifically designed to precisely target all types of tumors, including small metastases. This comes with the benefit of fewer side effects and risks with surgery. This treatment allows for conventional radiation therapies and radio surgical treatments.

Research at Northwell

Advances in trilogy system are continuously happening at Northwell Health Cancer Institute. With innovations in trilogy system technology and techniques, we continue to improve outcomes. Through our alliance with leading research organization, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, we participate in investigator-initiated trials to offer the most leading-edge, research-backed therapies to patients. 

Northwell Health Cancer Institute is recognized for its commitment to providing pioneering treatment for cancer patients. The ongoing focus on improving cancer treatments has contributed to significant advancements that are improving the quality of lives of cancer survivors.

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What to expect

Your doctors will use detailed images of your tumor and nearby anatomy combined with technologically advanced software to provide on-target positioning of the tumor using MRI, CT (CAT) scans or PET scans.

The number of treatments varies according to the size of your lesion and metastases. You may only require one treatment or a few shorter Trilogy system treatments.

Possible side effects

Trilogy system therapy is painless, but it can result in side effects sometimes months or years later. Treatment side effects may be mild to severe, contingent on the beam intensity, tumor location and type of radiation.

Damage to cancer cell genes results in not only destroying cancer cells to end cell growth and division, but also may impact healthy, normal cells despite your doctors’ best intentions to limit damage. Some common side effects may include:

  • Fatigue
  • Skin irritation

Most side effects usually go away after treatment ends. However, you may feel very tired for six to four weeks after your last treatment. Talk to your doctor about ways to treat potential side effects.

Support groups

Cancer is challenging, but you don’t have to go it alone. At Northwell Health Cancer Institute, a wide range of support groups are available to help you cope with diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment issues.

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