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Northwell Health is remarkably innovative, expansive and resourceful. See the leaders who drive expansion and clinical expertise.

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Gemma's story

At 17 weeks pregnant, Gemma's mom was told that her daughter developed Gastroschisis (a birth defect of the abdominal wall). Amidst this challenging time, it was the seemingly simple acts of Gemma's NICU nurse that truly made the difference.

Willard’s Story
After being diagnosed with head and neck cancer, Willard was afraid he would never speak again, let alone sing. Willard has been a playwright and theater actor for over 50 years. When Dr. Sewit Teckie entered his life, everything changed. This is Willard's story. Northwell Health is New York stat…
Maura’s Story
After a routine cardiac echo-stress test, Maura found out she had an abnormal outcome which resulted in a triple bypass. Maura shares her story of a compassionate and empathetic experience across the continuum of care. Through the ups and downs, she felt cared for, supported and is grateful for a …
Outpacing the impossible

Northwell's ambitious fundraising campaign

Northwell Health’s promise to the people we serve is backed by a $1B campaign that will ensure quality care, new discoveries and being there for those who matter most — our communities

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The latest news
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Media coverage highlighting Northwell's new program that awarded college-bound dependents of employees $7,500 scholarships.
After decades without promising advancements in treatment, William Nealon, MD, shows how Folfirinox might be the answer clinicians have sought to help pancreas cancer patients live longer.
Media coverage highlighting the honor for Northwell’s 17 emergency departments which have been recognized by the American College of Emergency Physicians for caring for geriatric patients.
Modern Healthcare spotlights Dr. Kevin Tracey's bioelectronic medicine and nerve-stimulation research in this feature.
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