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Northwell Health is committed to fair pricing and transparency. Therefore, we have compiled a series of tools, to provide insight into the rates we are paid for the care we provide, and the charges we present to insurers. As you use these tools, please remember that charges are not useful, to accurately understand what patients and insurers pay for care. We strongly urge you to select the appropriate phone number from below and call us for the most accurate price estimates. ​​​​​​

All Other Northwell Hospitals (877) 483-2213
Mather Hospital (631) 476-2801
Northern Westchester Hospital (914) 666-1701
Peconic Bay Medical Center (631) 548-6099
Phelps Hospital (914) 366-3133
South Oaks Hospital (631) 608-5149


Understanding the Medicare Rate Tool

Below you can view rates paid to us by Medicare for common, uncomplicated procedures at our hospitals or ambulatory centers. The rates are intended as a guide to understand the payments that hospitals may receive for a given procedure or visit.

Please note: It’s important to note that the amounts listed are not what a patient may pay for the service/procedure listed. The amount a patient will owe depends on the patient’s insurance plan.

View payment rates


Rates noted above may vary based on pre-existing health conditions, the severity of illness, and the actual procedure performed. Rates may also be higher for the severely ill or injured patients, whose stay generates unusually high costs. As a result of those variables, price variations are excluded from the amounts reflected in this tool.

Prices listed do not include physicians' fees. Physicians will send separate bills for services. Examples include charges billed by a surgeon, anesthesiologist or a radiologist.

Outpatient services can include additional ancillary services such as laboratory and radiology procedures that are not factored into the rates displayed because the type and quantity of services may vary from procedure to procedure.


Northwell Health is committed to being transparent about its charges. The information provided in the file below contains a listing of our charges for inpatient and outpatient services provided by our hospitals, also known as our chargemaster. The chargemaster is not a helpful tool for patients to comparison shop between hospitals or to estimate out-of-pocket costs for health care services. Your own charges and out-of-pocket expenses will depend on the actual services you receive, the terms of your insurance coverage, and/or your eligibility for financial assistance. For the most accurate estimate for patient care services, please call us at one of the numbers above, based on the hospital you are considering.

Please note: The charges listed in the chargemaster below reflect charges as of 12/31/2018.

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