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Medical bills can be confusing. We’re here to help.

People are often confused by their medical bills and how much their health insurance will cover. Northwell Health makes the process easier to understand and gives you a range of options for paying your bills. We understand that price transparency is especially important for uninsured patients and others who are paying for their medical care out-of-pocket, including those with high-deductible insurance plans. Since 2010, Northwell has been offering online services that help our patients get an estimate of their costs for medical services in advance, learn whether they are eligible for financial assistance or other publicly subsidized insurance, and set up convenient, affordable payment plans to pay their medical bills.

Have a question? Need an estimate? No insurance? Call us.

Our financial health counselors can give you the most accurate information about estimated costs and financial assistance, tailored specifically to your circumstances. Please call:


Frequently asked questions

How much will I owe?

The amount you owe depends on your insurance plan and coverage benefits. These differ greatly from plan to plan with respect to co-payments, co-insurance, and deductibles. If you have health insurance, please contact your insurance company directly to determine what your financial obligation will be. You may be asked to provide a procedure code, which can be obtained from your physician's office.

If you are uninsured, you may be eligible for our financial assistance program. Please call us at (800) 995-5727.

Do Northwell Health Hospitals participate with my insurance company?

Listed here are insurance companies that currently partner with Northwell Health hospitals and ambulatory facilities. Please contact your health insurer directly to determine if your plan is included.

Will my bill be different than the rate provided below?

The rate provided below is an estimate based on the average Medicare payment rate paid to the hospital for a visit or procedure that does not have complications. The amount you owe may vary due to a number of circumstances, such as:

  • Additional testing, medications, services or procedures that may be required
  • Pre-existing factors that may impact your medical needs. Examples include obesity, smoking, and diabetes.
  • Your physician may determine that a different procedure other than the treatment originally planned needs to be performed.

Cost estimate for your hospital fees

The personal expense calculator provides an estimate for your hospital fees only. Physician fees (such as those billed by a radiologist or an anesthesiologist fees) are not included in this estimate and will be billed separately.

Please answer the following questions to obtain a cost estimate for your hospital fees.


This estimator does not guarantee the amount you may owe the hospital.
Please contact 1-877-483-2213 for further assistance. Medicaid costs may depend on the spend-down or Surplus Income Program if you are a part of it. Medicare costs calculated in the estimator exclude scenarios in which the patient has exhausted benefits.

Call your insurance carrier for more information in regards to out of pocket costs.

Your estimate

Based on the information you provided your out of pocket expenses may range from to .

Your selections were:

The personal expense calculator provides you an estimate for your hospital fees only. Physician fees (such as Radiologist abd Anesthesiologist fees) are not included in this estimate and will be billed seperately.
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