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Our team

Combining compassion and innovation

The Early Treatment Program creates a positive healing environment that guides youth toward recovery. ETP clients benefit from meeting peers their own age who are dealing with very similar circumstances. Treatment and therapy take place in warm and welcoming environments where each individual and their family can focus on getting better.

The care team develops a personalized treatment path for each individual in collaboration with the patient and family. Thanks to this culture of open communication and shared decision-making, Early Treatment Program clients are able to take charge of their symptoms and begin their road to recovery.


Michael Leo Birnbaum, MD

Director - Early Treatment Program of Psychiatry, Long Island Jewish Medical Center

Specialties: Child / Adolescent Psychiatry

Kristin Ani Candan, PhD

Specialties: Psychology

Kristian Rein Olvet, MD

Specialties: Psychiatry

Jianping Zhang, MD, PhD

Specialties: Psychiatry

Dr. Kristen Risola, PhD
Outreach and Recruitment Specialist

Gracy Thomas, LCSW
Recovery Coach

Megan Brennan, LMHC
Education and Employment Specialist

Melissa Ramirez, MS. Ed, LMHC
Education and Employment Specialist

Asra F. Rizvi, MA
Research Coordinator

Philip Watson, PhD
Neuropsychology Fellow

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