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The importance of personalized treatment: your treatment team as a partner

We all have different goals, hopes and dreams. Sometimes it may feel like these goals are out of reach, especially when we encounter unpredictable challenges and changes that seem to knock us off track. We strongly believe that this does not have to be the case and that highly individualized care can be the key to get you back on track.

At the Early Treatment Program (ETP), we try to meet you “where you are.” With you as our guide, we work together to make sense of a time that can be confusing and scary. Our goal is to assist with your journey of understanding, self-discovery and recovery.

We all benefit from consistent and reliable support, and at various times in our lives we will require more assistance than we are accustomed. While everyone needs a little extra help sometimes, not all of us feel comfortable reaching out for help or are even aware that there are options. Sometimes we may not even think that we need help, but we have some idea that there is a change in our thinking and feeling or that others in our lives are expressing concerns.

Your treatment team respects that everyone is different and that it takes strength and courage to reach out for help. We also believe that it's important for us to provide information and resources to assist you in making choices to support your goals, health and well-being. The team will welcome the participation of your family or close support network and can provide services and information that can be useful to them and you in the journey of recovery and healing.

Meeting new people and being in a new environment can be difficult. Sometimes our concerns about what we do not know prevent us from reaching out to connect with people, places and things that eventually could prove to be extremely helpful. That is why, with you as the guide, your treatment team will work together to create an interactive and creative atmosphere that is compassionate, warm, respectful and welcoming.

Danielle Merolla, PsyD

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