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Research studies at the Early Treatment Program (ETP)

Research is an important part of providing the highest quality care at Northwell Health’s Early Treatment Program (ETP). We’re advancing care as we undergo important and valuable research, which includes developing technologies and conducting medication trials and surveys. Through our research, we are helping to make mental health and the patient experience better.

Currently, we have several research studies happening at the ETP that are focused on developing the best treatment options for the young psychiatric patients in our program. By getting involved in our research studies, participants can share their experiences with us and help others who are struggling with similar experiences.

ETP research: frequently asked questions

Why is research important?

Research is an essential tool for healthcare professionals to become more informed about new methods of treatment and improve services. It also enables us to understand the wants and needs of patients. The more we learn from our participants, the easier it is for us to help them.

What kind of research opportunities are offered at the ETP?

We have several ongoing research studies in which teens and young adults can participate. Each study focuses on a different aspect relating to better care. These include:

  1. Understanding the role social media and the internet play in getting mental health help. We are also interested in looking at online social media activity to see if we can identify when an individual needs help.
  2. Examining if genetics and brain imaging information are useful in predicting response to certain medications and clinical treatment.
  3. Exploring and understanding brain activity in teens and young adults who experience psychosis.
  4. Examining individuals who are prescribed specific medications to determine if we can predict the response to the medications by looking at brain images, biomarkers and past history.
Is participating in an ETP research study time consuming?

Time to complete a research study can vary between a couple of hours to several months. It depends on the nature of the study. If you are interested in participating in a research study but are not sure what is involved, you can ask your physician at your next visit or give us a call.

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Whether you're experiencing symptoms yourself or searching for help for a friend or family member, confronting mental illness can be hard. But the sooner care starts, the sooner recovery can begin.

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