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Music therapy shown to help improve life with schizophrenia

Girl listening to music with headphones

Sometimes it can be hard to express how we are feeling, which can make us feel very alone. Research has shown that music is a great way for us to overcome this loneliness, as well as some of life’s many other challenges. Music can help us say what we're thinking and feeling when we struggle to find the right words. It can also help us connect with people around us and express how we're feeling in a different way. 

Music therapy has been shown to improve many aspects of life for those with schizophrenia, as well. It can help reduce symptoms and help with socializing. (Exploring mutual connections through music can spark conversations about a popular band or singer, for example.) We can find comfort in songs that tell stories that we can relate to, and when we hear someone else explain a feeling through song, it can often be easier for us to understand and share how we are feeling too.

Different people can connect and relate to music on many levels, making music a great way to reach out to loved ones. And having that support system is always an important tool to have in recovery and in life. 

Casey Armata

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