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Introducing the new ETP fitness group

A man and two women smiling on exercise bikes

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new fitness group for patients in the Early Treatment Program (ETP) at Northwell Health. Participants in the weekly ETP fitness group can enjoy physical activity and socialize with others in the program through activities like volleyball, nature walks, basketball, badminton, kickball, soccer, ping pong, foosball, spikeball, Ultimate Frisbee and more! We’re also open to activity suggestions from participants.

The importance of exercise

Why is exercise so important within the ETP program? There is growing scientific evidence that indicates that exercise improves both physical and mental health. Individuals who exercise regularly have less stress and anxiety, improved mood, increased self-esteem, increased socialization and greater motivation. Exercise also helps lower blood pressure, increase cardiovascular health, stabilize weight and increase energy levels. In other words, exercise delivers a powerful boost of positive benefits that can help all individuals, including those diagnosed with mental illness.

Many teens and young adults who experience psychosis struggle with a lack of motivation and energy. They often feel alone or suffer from a low mood that can make it difficult to make and sustain friendships. Medications prescribed to manage symptoms of mental illness can also have unpleasant side effects, such as increased appetite and weight gain. Exercise helps combat many of these symptoms and side effects that ETP patients experience on a daily basis.

Redefining exercise

For many individuals, exercise is considered to be a chore or something that “should be done” on a regular basis. Yet, because it does provide so many mental and physical benefits, it should be thought of as a pleasurable part of daily life. Whether it’s a gym class, a walk during a lunch break or participating on a sports team, there are countless ways to incorporate exercise into one’s day-to-day schedule. For those in the ETP, the new fitness group offers a new and exciting way to reap the many benefits of exercise.

Want to learn more about the ETP fitness group? Call us at (718) 470-8888 today!

Megan Brennan, LMHC

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