Anupama Bedi, MS, PA-C

Anupama	Bedi, MS, PA-C

Supervising Physician Assistant, Department of Neurosurgery
Lenox Hill Hospital

Anupama D. Bedi is a physician assistant in the department of neurosurgery. She has been with the health system for almost a year. Anupama takes care of patients at every stage of their hospital stay, assisting surgeons during procedures, taking care of patients in the ICU or the floors and discharging them to the appropriate place after they no longer need our services.

Anupama has worked in neurosurgery for over seven years in various settings. Through her experience, Anupama has become extremely knowledgeable and familiar with the various conditions treated at our facility. As a result, she is able to help patients understand their diagnoses, let them know what they can expect in the immediate time frame , and guide them through their recovery in the hospital. Most importantly, Anupama is able to assist them in understanding their projected needs when they leave the hospital.

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