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Ashley Burlage, MD: Playing video games or using your phone is not the root of the musculoskeletal condition, but it can flare symptoms. Here’s what you can do to find relief.
North Shore University Hospital’s Gyalsten Ethenpa, Paul Choe, Nicholas Rappa, Janisa Freycinet and Laura Zelenka Dufresne, RD, with their winning dishes from the 2019 Northwell Health Ultimate Chef Challenge.
North Shore University Hospital cooks up win at Northwell Chefs Challenge
William Healy, MD: By 2030, 19 percent of the US population will be age 65 or older and total joint replacement will become a viable option to keep people moving.
Huntington Hospital.
Huntington donor to be honored
Robert Trasolini, MD: Skeletal immaturity, sports science and increasing recurrence have all contributed to ACL tears spiking among teenage athletes.
A female teenager gets a vaccination
Op-Ed: The vaccine every 11-year-old needs now
Huntington Subaru donated $35,000 – proceeds from its Share the Love program – to Huntington Hospital’s neurosurgery department.
Gene therapy might prove a cure for 'Bubble Boy' disease
No wonder Beyonce's "Homecoming" diet made her "hungry"