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A bottle of prescription medication spills over
Epilepsy drug tied to higher risk of suicidal behavior in young users
Ashesh Mehta, MD, PhD: As vagus nerve and deep brain stimulation have reduced seizures and lead to better controlled epilepsy, we are mapping the brain to learn its possibilities.
Dr. Fred Lado, Northwell Health's regional director of epilepsy for Long Island and Queens, received EPIC Long Island's "Professional Leadership Award."
Marijuana leaves
High hopes for medical future of CBD
A pregnant woman holds her belly.
Is epilepsy drug use in pregnancy linked to ADHD?
A female doctor looks at diagnostic imaging.
Researchers move forward with epilepsy study
A blue brain
Brain implant puts the brakes on epileptic seizures in mice
Docs look over brain scans
From 'screw you' Aetna to Sweet 16, teen celebrates her surgery -- and new life
Folic acid supplements in pregnancy help kids of women with epilepsy
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