From meeting the needs of expectant mothers to helping adults and seniors stay active and healthy, Northwell Health offers a variety of comprehensive health education programs. As a hub for community wellness and a convenient resource for health-related information, we are committed to improving the health of everyone in our neighborhoods by providing a range of community programs that meet the individual needs of the people we serve.

Childbirth and parenting education

Northwell Health offers a variety of classes for expectant mothers and families to help plan and prepare for childbirth and the care of a new baby. Our classes provide important information, teach valuable skills and are structured to be interactive. All classes are taught by certified educators who specialize in maternal/infant care and are available to answer your questions and concerns.


Register early, as class sizes are limited. To register for a class or for more information, register online or call (855) 824-BABY (2229). Pre-registration with payment is required for all classes. Classes may be cancelled or rescheduled based on enrollment.

Upon completion of the registration process and receipt of payment, registrants will receive a confirmation.

Parking is available at all of our class locations. Parking garage tickets will be validated for free parking when using our visitor parking lots at our hospital locations.

Child safety

New York State Safe Kids, led by Northwell Health, is a member of the Safe Kids USA organization based in Washington, DC. The mission of Safe Kids is to reduce the number one cause of injuries and deaths in children 14 years and under: accidents.

Safe Kids educates adults and children in pedestrian/motor vehicle, falls, poisoning, fire/burn and bicycle/sports safety – the five leading risk areas to children in New York State.

Child car-seat fitting stations

Did you know that four out of five car seats are installed incorrectly? Make sure yours is not one of them. Our child safety-seat checkup events and child safety-seat inspection stations will teach you how to transport your child safely. 

Have your car seat checked by a safety specialist who can answer the following questions:

  • Why doesn’t my car seat stay tight in the car?
  • My child can climb out of the car seat – what can I do?
  • Has my child’s car seat been recalled?
  • When can I turn my baby’s car seat around to face forward?

CPR and first aid training

Northwell Health offers a number of courses sponsored by the American Heart Association for the public and healthcare professionals seeking certification.

Fall and injury prevention

Falls are the leading cause of emergency room visits and home injuries. Each year, one out of three seniors suffers moderate to severe injuries, leading to nursing home placement. Many falls, however, are preventable. Taking simple steps to prevent falls can help you and those you love stay active and maintain independence.

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Health screenings

Northwell Health provides free health screenings for the general community. Programs are held throughout the year at Northwell Health hospitals, worksites, health fairs and community settings. Participants must be 18 years and older. Health screenings include:

  • Heart screening - Blood pressure, glucose, total cholesterol, HDL and nutrition counseling with immediate results
  • Prostate cancer screening (PSA) - A simple blood test recommended for men 40+ years old
  • Skin cancer screening - Full-body examination provided by a dermatologist; this screening is offered to anyone who has never been diagnosed with skin cancer
  • Head and neck cancer screening - Examination of the oral and throat area by a doctor

Language & communication access services

The Language & Communication Access Services Program of the Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Health Literacy ensures meaningful access to health services for all patients inclusive of those with distinct communication needs. We strive to advance effective communication between providers, all members of the medical team and patients that enhance patient safety and patient outcomes.

The patient-centered scope of the program is structured in four main categories:

  • Limited English proficiency (LEP) patients
  • Deaf or hearing impaired patients
  • Speech and language impaired patients
  • Visually impaired patients

A comprehensive language and communications assistance strategic plan focuses on meeting the needs of our diverse communities and patient population. The Language and Communication Access Services Program provides communication resources to our patients and families with distinct communication needs in four main areas:

  • Language interpretation services
  • Sign language interpretation services
  • Vital documentation and translation services
  • Community outreach

Language assistance coordinators are available at each facility to provide support, guidance and to ensure that our patients’ special communication needs are met.

Smoking cessation programs

Northwell Health has developed community education programs for schools, civic associations and other community-based groups to increase the awareness of the marketing of tobacco products to youth. If you would like more information on these programs, please contact Nancy Copperman at (516) 465-2500.

Support groups

Northwell Health hospitals provide multiple support groups, free of charge, on a wide range of topics. 


Northwell Health provides a variety of outreach efforts that help to promote wellness and reduce disease and injury in the communities we serve.