Kicking Meningioma: Martial Artist Has Brain Tumor Removed

Martial arts instructor, Kee Young Choi, back to teaching after brain tumor removal.

Manhasset, NY – Kee Young Choi, 60, from Woodbury, NY, a world-renowned tae kwon do Grand Master and martial arts cinema actor and choreographer, had his life take a drastic turn this past April when he was diagnosed with a large brain tumor called a meningioma.

“I did not feel any pain, but noticed that I was losing some memory function and could not walk very well,” said Mr. Choi.  “I went to an acupuncturist, but that didn’t work.  My wife urged me to seek medical attention because my memory problems were getting worse and I couldn’t even remember my wife’s name.”

Mr. Choi went to North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, NY and a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan revealed a four centimeter mass located on the left side of his brain.

“A meningioma is a benign brain tumor and arises from the meninges, three thin layers of tissue covering the brain and the spinal cord,” said David Chalif, MD, director, neurovascular neurosurgery at Northwell Health’s Neuroscience Institute.  “Most meningiomas usually grow slow over a long period of time and can reach a large size without interfering with brain function.  However, Mr. Choi’s tumor was considered very large, causing right-sided weakness and required immediate surgery.”

Dr. Chalif completely resected Mr. Choi’s brain tumor on April 7, 2016.  Shortly thereafter, Mr. Choi was back teaching at the Young’s Martial Arts School in Woodbury, NY, which he opened four years ago.  

“Everything is perfect now,” said Mr. Choi.  “I even have more energy than before my surgery! Dr. Chalif is the best doctor in the world.  While I was at the hospital, the staff treated me like I was a king, with so much kindness.”

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