World Cup Medical Care Kept Player in Game

GREAT NECK, NY – People can take a lesson from Germany’s Bastian Schweinsteiger’s care after he got cut on his face during the FIFA World Cup final game, a New York plastic surgeon says.

It appeared to Homayoun Sasson, MD, chief of plastic surgery at Plainview and Franklin hospitals, that the injured German soccer player was just cleaned up and did not have stitches put in during the game. Players need to avoid contact to the affected area for a few weeks once they have stitches to prevent the area from reopening, Dr. Sasson says. Mr. Schweinsteiger may have gotten stitches following the game’s festivities.

There are two kinds of stitches – dissolvable and the kind that need to be taken out. The type and size of the stitch a person receives depends on their age, the location of the injury and other factors.
For parents who may be concerned about their up-and-coming soccer stars, Dr. Sasson has some tips about caring for a child’s sports injuries.

 “A lot of injuries are superficial, so called scratches or scrapes, and they can be cleaned up or bandaged on the field by the parents or the coach and then if that’s the case they should not necessarily be taken out of the game,” Dr. Sasson says. “If it’s a hard enough blunt force that happens to the body that really causes the skin to open up and bleed, and it’s difficult to control the bleeding and it’s obvious that the skin is deeply cut, then it’s important not to continue the game for that child and to get help as soon as possible.”

“Depending on the location of the injury, if we’re talking about lacerations and cuts, you have up to a few hours to get help. Generally, the golden rule is to do it within six to eight hours after injury.”

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