Wellness Watch: Family Health and Safety

Foster a safe, nurturing home for loved ones with helpful classes.

Stepping On

This simple injury- and fall-prevention program for adults can help you and your loved ones stay active and maintain independence. Meets for two hours a week for seven weeks. The program is free to local community centers. Please call to learn more.       


Learn emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), foreign body airway obstruction techniques and enhanced 911 response. Infant CPR: $45 per person/$75 per couple. Infant/child CPR: $65 per person/$120 per couple. Family and friends adult/child CPR: $50 per person. Available at North Shore University Hospital.

Preparing for Life’s New Journey

A four-week program for first-time parents. Experts cover topics like how to choose a pediatrician; joyous moments, lessons and surprises of parenthood; bonding with your baby; safety/injury prevention for young children; and self-care after birth. $40 per person/$70 per couple. Available at North Shore University Hospital.

Preparation for Childbirth

For the expectant mother and her birth partner. Educators discuss the process of labor and birth, relaxation and breathing techniques, the role of the partner and coaching skills, hospital admission policies and procedures, anesthesia/analgesic options, vaginal and caesarean births and postpartum expectations. A tour of the hospital is included. Recommended four to six weeks before your estimated delivery date. $185 for expectant mom and coach. Available at the Katz Women’s Hospital at North Shore University Hospital and the Katz Women’s Hospital at LIJ Medical Center. Breast-Feeding

Covers the basics of breast-feeding and prepares expectant parents for a healthy breast-feeding relationship with their baby. Topics include advantages of breast-feeding, mother and baby nutritional needs, breast-feeding techniques and effective latching, bottle use, breast pumping, returning to work and common facts and myths. Bring a baby doll or stuffed animal to class. $50 per person/$65 per couple. Available at the Katz Women’s Hospital at North Shore University Hospital.

Baby Care

Teaches expectant parents, grandparents and childcare providers about characteristics of a newborn, feeding, bathing, diapering, cord and circumcision care, temperature taking, baby equipment, safety, sleep and immunization. $50 per person/$65 per couple. Available at the Katz Women’s Hospital at North Shore University Hospital.

Baby Safe

Focuses on creating a safe home environment. Discusses crib and toy safety, safe sleep positions and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) prevention, water safety, baby-proofing the home, choking and fall prevention, home emergencies and basic first aid for bleeding, burns, fractures, shock and poisoning. $20 per person/$35 per couple. Available at North Shore University Hospital.

Complimentary Maternity Tours

Expectant parents can visit the Labor and Delivery Unit, mother/baby rooms and the newborn nursery. Registration is required. To register call 855-824-2229 (option 3 for LIJ Medical Center, option 4 for North Shore University Hospital).

To learn more call the North Shore-LIJ Office of Community and Public Health at 516-881-7000.


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