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Dear Friends,

We wish you a happy and healthy holiday season and welcome you back to another edition of Kids First.

As you turn the pages, you will see how our innovative, cutting-edge programs make us the top children’s hospital in the area.

The quality of care starts before you even step inside. For most people, the first person they encounter when they come to Cohen Children’s is the valet parking attendant. They can park your car and provide directions, but what few people know is that they are trained to ensure that car seats are properly installed and babies are safe inside their parents’ cars.

You will also learn about a new program to ensure that children who have special needs are prepared in a safe, friendly environment to take the next steps in their treatment. There is also a look at our new orthopedics program and ways to keep your child healthy during cold and flu season.

We learn how doctors and staff at Cohen Children’s collaborated to successfully treat a 1-week-old baby who was having seizures. Quick work by the emergency, neurology and neurosurgery departments discovered and removed a tumor. A year later, the young patient is thriving.

You will also find heartwarming patient stories such as the young girl who was going to miss prom because she was being tested at the hospital. The staff pitched in to throw her a special prom, with a tuxedo-clad doctor as her date. There is also a story of an Islander fan surprised by former Islander and Hockey Hall-of-Famer Pat LaFontaine, who congratulated him on his recovery and presented him with a signed hockey stick.

We also see how hospital days do not have to be dreary, thanks to visits from the Mets and Mets wives and we take a look at some of the ways donors help the hospital, with both large and small contributions that help us maintain the extraordinary level of care we offer.

So sit back, enjoy the magazine and, until next time, enjoy a safe and healthy holiday season.

Kevin McGeachy, FACHE
Executive Director

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