Walking Problem Might Signal Dementia

GREAT NECK -- A New York doctor says a new study showing a possible connection between dementia and a person’s difficulty walking is important because it sheds light on some lesser known facets of the disease.

Dr. Maria Carney, chief of the division of geriatric and palliative medicine, says there are a number of ways this research can have a worldwide benefit for patients afflicted with dementia.

“In most areas of the United States today we test for dementia through blood tests and CAT scans, which may not be economically available to other parts of the world,” Dr. Carney says. “This walking test may be an easier, cheaper way to screen for dementia.”

She also stressed the need to educate people about the disease.

“This study is crucial in reminding the public that this disease does not just affect memory, it also greatly affects a person’s physical functioning.”

While there have been no medicines created to cure or reverse it, Dr. Carney emphasized the importance of research in the fight against dementia.

“If you are diagnosed, or think you may be at risk of developing dementia, it is critical to get involved in research studies such as this one. Not only can they impact the future of the disease, they also can help to educate others about the disease.”


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