Too Many Sugary Drinks Could Make Girls Get Their Periods Sooner

A recent Harvard study draws a correlation between young girls drinking higher quantities of sugary drinks and when they get their first menstrual cycles. The study found that girls who had more than 1.5 drinks with high sugar content a day could get their first period about three months earlier than those who avoid sugary drinks. An earlier first period has been associated with higher risk of breast cancer. While three months might not make a huge difference in someone’s cancer risk, doctors say this is one more reason to avoid sugary drinks. “This is important because when you consume a lot of sugars, sugary sodas have a very high glycemic index,” says Jill Rabin, MD, co-chief of ambulatory care and the women’s health programs –PCAP at the North Shore-LIJ Health System. “And that will make your body produce more insulin, which may make you produce more sex hormones, steroid hormones such as estrogen and that may induce an earlier first period.”

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