Saving a Child's Life - A CPR Primer

Gerard Brogan, MD, Medical Director, Forest Hills Hospital, and Rosemarie Ennis, Director, American Heart Association's (AHA) Emergency Cardiac Care Training Center at North Shore-LIJ, demonstrate life-saving techniques if a child or infant stops breathing or is choking. Using new AHA guidelines on cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the experts show parents and anyone entrusted to watch over a child or an infant, the different and correct cardiac procedures needed to save a life. Topics include: recognizing an emergency situation, what to do first, correct positioning of child or infant, how many chest compressions should be used, locating the exact position on the chest and the importance of applying proper compression depths, when to use mouth-to-mouth breathing, how to clear airway obstruction, lack of air causing brain damage, and the importance of taking basic life support classes.

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