Protect Against Lyme Disease

“Tick bites are a problem because certain types of ticks can transmit disease and here on Long Island and in the Northeast, the biggest problem we worry about is Lyme disease,” says Leonardo Huertas, MD, chairman of the emergency department at Glen Cove Hospital. The first thing to know is where to expect ticks. They live in moist and humid environments, usually in wooded or grassy areas, or in shrubs near your home. If you’ll be in a potentially tick-infested area, Dr. Huertas recommends: • wearing long pants; • spraying insect repellent on clothing; • wearing a hat; • and tucking your pants into your socks. It’s important to carefully check your entire body for ticks after being outdoors, even in your own yard. Also, check your clothing and pets for ticks because the blacklegged ticks could be tracked indoors.

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