New Cardiac Unit at LIJ Medical Center

LIJ Medical Center's new, state-of-the-art, 30-bed Cardiovascular and Thoracic Unit with private rooms is dedicated to patients undergoing cardiothoracic surgery, cardiac catheterization and electrophysiology procedures. Located on the eigth floor in the Zuckerberg Pavilion, the unit is designed to provide the most clinically advanced levels of care, comfort and convenience to patients and their families. Each room is equipped with telemetry technology, allowing patients’ vital signs to be monitored remotely, and bedside computers that give clinicians access to patients’ electronic medical records. Private rooms are equipped with a full bathroom and shower, a 42-inch flat-screen television, mini refrigerator, Internet access and desk. The patient rooms also include a visiting area for loved ones with a pullout loveseat for overnight stays.

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