New ADA Recommendations May Be Difficult For Children

NEW HYDE PARK, NY – The American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) new recommendations that lower the three-month average blood glucose levels for children under the age of 19 may be difficult for young children to maintain consistently, a New York endocrinologist said. The ADA now recommends that children under 19 have an A1C level (the three-month blood glucose average) of 7.5 as opposed to the previously advocated 8.5. “I think it’s going to ask people to adhere to a difficult standard,” says Phyllis Speiser, MD, chief of pediatric endocrinology at Cohen Children’s Medical Center. “One size fits all may not be appropriate for younger children. I think for adolescents this may be fine and for peri-adolescents who are middle school age. But once you get down to very perfect blood sugars without going too low.” Children should maintain their blood glucose levels by following their prescribed dietary, exercise and monitoring regiments, Dr. Speiser says.

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