Corona Glass Particles

In light of Corona’s recent voluntary recall of some lots of its 12 ounce Corona Extra beer because of glass particles in the drink, people should be careful when drinking one, a New York gastroenterologist says. Bill Caccese, MD, co-chief of gastroenterology at Plainview Hospital, says that often objects that people accidentally swallow, if they are not sharp and not poisonous, will naturally pass. But if an item is sharp, it can cause a perforated bowel. Symptoms of that include: pain, tenderness, fever, nausea and vomiting. These symptoms can come within days of swallowing a sharp object. “If someone had a beer or two, I don’t think there would be much risk to them,” Dr. Caccese says. “Just know that over the next several days, don’t ignore any symptoms such as significant pain, fever and tenderness.”

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