Age Doesn't Impact Sperm

MINEOLA, NY – A recent study showing that sperm donor’s age doesn’t impact birth rates highlights that a larger factor for a successful pregnancy is a female’s age, a fertility physician says. “This article is a very large study out of Europe which looks at a large population of men donating sperm and they basically controlled for men’s age and saw that the age of the men who were donating sperm would not affect the pregnancy rate,” says Christine Mullin, MD, reproductive endocrinologist for the North Shore-LIJ Health System. “The biggest factor was female age, which we’ve been saying for years. However, this has gone against some of the previous data that sees a decline in men’s fertility after the age of 45 and hence the reason why a lot of cryobanks have made an age limit of 38 for donation for sperm. So it’s definitely an interesting article and it’s interesting that there may be changes in our field that have affected or have overcome male age in fertility issues.”

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