Treating You Like Family

The Family Medicine Center at Glen Cove Hospital offers a full spectrum of team-oriented services for individuals of all ages.

Whether you are in need of prenatal counseling, nutrition education or financial guidance to help manage medical expenses, the staff at Glen Cove Hospital’s Family Medicine Center has you covered.

Nationally recognized by the National Committee for Quality Assurance as a Level 3 patient-centered medical home, the facility at Glen Cove Hospital provides primary care, prenatal care, behavioral health services, pediatric care, immunizations, sexual health services and dental care — all aimed at keeping people in the community as healthy as possible and reducing the need for unnecessary medical interventions, such as emergency department visits, hospitalizations, imaging tests and procedures.

Collaborative Care

“Our team-based approach to service is all about the patient,” said Barbara Keber, MD, chair of family medicine at Glen Cove Hospital. “Our goal is to ensure that patients have access to the resources they need, are taking their medications as directed and are spending as little time in the hospital as possible.”

To achieve these objectives, nurses, nurse practitioners, and physicians collaborate with clinical pharmacists, diabetes educators, nutritionists, supervising psychiatrists and other healthcare professionals to design action plans for patients. They may send letters to homes to remind patients of upcoming appointments, make phone calls to inquire about the progress of certain treatment plans or closely follow patients with more high-risk conditions.

“Our care manager works with the subset of patients who utilize several services often,” Dr. Keber said. “We study their medical histories closely and offer them a robust network of support to reduce hospitalizations and trips to the emergency department.”

Diseases to Watch

Diabetes and colon cancer are two of the most frequently encountered conditions at the Family Medicine Center, which has enhanced processes to prevent and treat both diseases and achieve the best possible outcomes.

“Glen Cove Hospital enables us, as professionals, to provide the highest quality of care to our entire community,” Dr. Keber said. “Whether patients need assistance navigating the healthcare system or translating information from English to Spanish, we’re here to help.”

To schedule an appointment at the Family Medicine Center, call 516-674-7631.

The Road to Better Health

Robert Carmen, Jr., has suffered from a variety of ailments during his adult life. But he wasn’t quite sure what was plaguing him until he started seeing the team at Glen Cove Hospital’s Family Medicine Center in 2012.

“They put me on a regimen of medications to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes and heart disease,” said the former emergency medical service worker and tow truck operator with a self-professed drive to serve others. “Like me, they are on a mission to never leave anyone behind. And they have partnered with me to fight for my life.”

A resident of Syosset, Mr. Carmen makes regular trips to the Family Medicine Center to receive care from the team he has come to know as family.

“I will not leave them,” Mr. Carmen says. “It’s well worth the trip.”

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