Today’s High School Students and the Future of Health Care on Long Island

 BAY SHORE, NY -- What future career path will today’s high school students take? 
That question may be weighing more on the minds of students’ parents than it is on students themselves, but it should be a concern for all Long Islanders. For the next decade and beyond,   today’s high school students will be the workers, economic drivers and decision-makers in the all-important healthcare industry – projected to be the nation’s and our region’s largest job creator and a lifeline for aging baby boomers. What skills and education will students need to be prepared for job opportunities in the ever-changing and demanding healthcare field?

To help answer that question, Southside Hospital recently held a health awareness and career path day for 1,400 students at East Islip High School.   Featuring lectures by cardiologists, orthopedists, and other specialists, students had the chance to explore informational tables and exhibit booths, and have their questions answered by people working in the field. Want to know what it’s like to be a medical researcher?  A PhD from the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research was on hand to explain.  How about medical school?   A physician/educator from the Hofstra-North-Shore-LIJ School of Medicine, told students about the experiential-based curriculum that starts for tomorrow’s physicians beginning day one at Long Island’s newest medical school.

 “Health care is adding several hundred thousand jobs a year, regardless of what's going on in the broader economy,” said Donna Moravick, NP, executive director of Southside Hospital.  “Over the last five years, health care job growth has outpaced employment trends overall.   Here on Long Island, Southside Hospital is a member of North Shore-LIJ Health System, which has over 46,000 employees in every imaginable area of healthcare. We’re the largest employer on Long Island and the third largest private employer in New York City, adding 100 employees every week.  We serve an area of seven million people and we need highly qualified individuals to meet their needs.”  

“Long Island High School students looking at college and careers need to know the options and requirements necessary to be successful in the industry projected to be the biggest job creator for the next decade,” said Israel Malinowitzer, director of Careers and Student Services at East Islip High School. “We’re happy to offer our students the opportunity to listen and learn from programs like this.  It provides them with a window into the real world of healthcare.”

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