Three-Month-Old Twins Ready for Their Close-Ups after Successful Ear Molding Procedure at Cohen Children’s Medical Center

Ear Molding
(From left to right) Dr. Nicholas Bastidas joins Suzanne O’Shea Faeth, her husband, Michael Faeth, and the twins older brother, Thomas Rademaker, 9, to celebrate the twins’ three-month birthday and discuss their more perfected appearance

NEW HYDE PARK, NY -- Everybody knows that new-born babies are gorgeous, but thanks to a non-surgical procedure known as ear molding, two tiny tots from Floral Park are now perfect, according to their proud mother, Suzanne O’Shea Faeth.

Ms. Faeth’s twin boys were born on June 27 at LIJ Medical Center’s Katz Women’s Hospital . Almost immediately, she noticed that there was something not quite right about their ears. The spunky Spanish teacher said she pointed out the boy’s rather misshapen ears to her husband, Michael, and wondered, “What do new parents do in a situation like this?”

While walking through the Katz lobby, Ms. Faeth noticed a brochure by Nicholas Bastidas, MD, a pediatric plastic surgeon at Cohen Children’s Medical Center. On the front cover was a picture of a newborn; the title of the piece was “Ear Molding.”

“We thought it was a miracle,” said Ms. Faeth. “Neither my husband nor I had ever heard of this technique. It was the most amazing coincidence.”

On July 16, three weeks after their birth, Gavin and Liam were examined by Dr. Bastidas. Because of their age, Dr. Bastidas confirmed that the twins would be excellent candidates for the ear molding procedure. The Faeths agreed, and the procedure was done in Dr. Bastidas’ office.

“Newborns and infants have soft, pliable cartilage in their ears,” said Dr. Bastidas. “I use a device known as Earwell, which can reshape infant ears by applying constant, re-directive force to the cartilage to bend back, unfurl and improve the position and structure of the ears. There is no pain involved, and the changes are permanent,” he said.

On August 13, the Earwell devices were removed and the boys were pronounced even more beautiful by their proud parents.

To celebrate their three-month birthdays, Suzanne and Michael Faeth returned to Cohen to thank Dr. Bastidas. Also on hand for the reunion were older brother Thomas Rademaker, age 9, and the identically-dressed twins.

“We hope that other parents who find themselves in a similar situation will continue to search for proper treatment for their children,” said Ms. Faeth. “We were so lucky that we found Dr. Bastidas here at Cohen. But, the important lesson to be learned is that you know your children better than anyone else---and if something is wrong, don’t be discouraged. Look for help and you will find it.”

To celebrate their perfected look and the occasion of their three-month birthdays, the family was presented with a pair of twin cakes—in the shape of an ear, of course! The family plans to keep a photo of the cake as a cherished souvenir of their experience at Cohen.

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