Three Long Island sisters give birth within weeks of each other

Grandmother Kathy, Catherine Ahrens and daughter, Madeline: Josephine Scalone and daughter Valentina; and Angelina Grancio and son Francesco.

Talk about a close family.

Angela Grancio of Mastic and her sisters, Josephine Scalone and Catherine Ahrens, both of Holbrook, have always been close. They were best friends as young girls; now, as wives and mothers, they never go a day without speaking. The women grew even closer this past year when they discovered that they all became pregnant at about the same time.
  “We’ve always been a very close family,” said Catherine, “and now we’re thrilled that our babies will have the chance to grow up and become close friends as we were with our cousins. Of course, our children will have other friends, but this is a special bond. We’re so happy to know that our children will never be alone.”

At a press conference held today at Southside Hospital, the three sisters (accompanied by their husbands and proud new grandmother, Kathy), introduced their newborns to each other for the first time. The cousins had never been together since their births at Southside Hospital.

Sitting side by side, each sister presented her baby to a room filled with pediatric nurses, family members and reporters. Angela, who delivered on Sept. 9, introduced her son, Francesco, who looked dapper in a tiny brown cap. Josephine delivered her daughter, Valentina, on Sept. 27. Catherine welcomed daughter Madeline to the world on Oct. 11.

Also on hand to meet the babies was Salil Bakshi, MD, one of the obstetricians who cared for the sisters during their pregnancies.

This is one of the great things about being a doctor in the community,” Dr. Bakshi said after being introduced to the babies. “It’s wonderful to be able to see our patients and their children as they grow and thrive.”

Dr. Bakshi noted that he had never before seen sisters deliver their babies in such close succession.

 To add to the happy memories of the day, Southside’s Executive Director, Donna Moravick, offered each of the mothers a gift certificate and a batch of diapers---very practical gifts for this very close-knit ---and growing--- family.

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