Three’s the Charm: Glen Cove Hospital Earns Energy Star Award

GLEN COVE, NY -- For the third consecutive year, Glen Cove Hospital has earned the US Environmental Protection Agency’s coveted Energy Star award, the nation’s symbol for superior energy efficiency and environmental protection. Glen Cove is among only a handful of hospitals in New York and 134 nationwide to receive the designation.
 For healthcare facilities, improving energy efficiency can be challenging. Joseph Palumbi, director of facilities engineering at Glen Cove Hospital, noted that healthcare facilities provide “complex and vital patient care services and operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year…Hospitals use heat and cooling year-round and continuously need power, so there is a strong incentive to be energy efficient.”
 Energy Star hospitals use an average of 20 percent less energy than similar buildings and emit 20 percent less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, protecting public health and safeguarding the planet.   Energy efficiency also translates into cost savings.
 Over the last three years, energy-conscious initiatives have saved the hospital about $1.3 million.  To achieve those results, Glen Cove Hospital has improved energy efficiency by employing energy management strategies and efficient operation of its engineering plant.  Some of the sustainability initiatives have included upgrading lighting to high efficiency and LED lights through out the facility; using energy-friendly, high-efficiency equipment; and intensive preventive maintenance on all mechanical, plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems as well as energy conservation. 
 “Through the Energy Star program, we demonstrate our commitment to environmental protection, and at the same time, the hospital benefits from substantial cost savings through energy efficiency, which we can reinvest into patient services,” said Dennis Connors, the hospital’s executive director.  “Earning the prestigious Energy Star three years in a row is a major achievement, thanks to the dedication of our Engineering and Facilities staff.”

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