Temporary Breast Enhancement May Have Health Risks

NEW HYDE PARK, NY – A procedure being developed to allow women to temporarily experience having larger breasts for a few weeks has a NY plastic surgeon worried.

Dubbed “vacation breasts,” the procedure uses injections of saline and a mystery additive to give boobs a boost.

“It’s not a procedure that I subscribe to or a technique that I condone. There are certainly risks with it,” said Lyle Seth Leipziger, MD, chief of Plastic Surgery for North Shore University Hospital and Long Island Jewish Medical Center.

 “A much better alternative is a comprehensive consultation with a plastic surgeon where they can go over the risks and benefits of an actual breast augmentation,” said Dr. Leipziger.

Risks from the new procedure could include pain from the injections, bruising and bleeding from multiple injections, and the possibility of infections, he said.

“It’s much safer to test drive a breast augmentation with a properly padded bra than to take a risk with saline injections,” said Dr. Leipziger.

Vacation breasts are the brainchild of Dr. Norman Rowe, a plastic surgeon in Manhattan, who developed the 24-hour “InstaBreast” procedure which uses saline injections to plump up a woman’s breast for a day. He’s working on a weeks-long method because he said many of his patients need more time to decide if enhancements are right for them.

Dr. Rowe won’t say what is added to the saline to make his new procedure last longer, only that it’s something already used in the medical community.

The new procedure is expected to be available in about two years.

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