Teen Cleans Up and Helps Cohen Children’s Medical Center

Teen cleans up and helps CCMC
Samantha shows how she raises money for children at Cohen Children’s Medical Center.

MANHASSET, NY -- Samantha is a bubbly, energetic 14-year-old who is just beginning high school, trying out for the school’s volley ball team and excited about the year ahead. She says she knows how lucky she is. And that’s why, every year since she turned age 11, Samantha has made a decision to make a difference. 

            Living on a golf course, Samantha’s backyard has naturally become a repository for abandoned golf balls. So at the start of summer, for the past three years, Sam has been collecting golf balls that landed in her backyard. This summertime ritual involves her entire family. 

            Once collected, the golf balls are cleaned and placed in buckets outside her house for anyone to use. A small sign accompanies the buckets, asking for a small donation that will be given to a children’s hospital at the end of the season. This year, Samantha chose to give all funds collected to Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York .

              Samantha says she knows how fortunate she is, having witnessed first-hand the hospitalization of her younger brother, who was successfully treated and released. “I love doing charity work because I know how fortunate I am to be healthy and living in a nice home with a good family,” she said.

             Kevin Dwyer, North Shore-LIJ Foundation’s chief development officer and senior vice president, said, “Samantha is a very special young lady and we thank her for her energy and generosity and willingness to help others. To see young people being so entrepreneurial in nature is very encouraging and we look forward to meeting Sam at Cohen for a visit.” 

About the Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children

For the fifth consecutive year, US News & World Report has ranked the Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York as among the nation’s best children’s hospitals.  Cohen Children’s Medical Center is the preeminent children’s hospital on Long Island and is the largest provider of pediatric services in the state of New York.  Established nearly 30 years ago, we have evolved continually to keep pace with a growing pediatric population. Our vision is to become a national leader and be recognized for providing outstanding family-centered, quality-focused and academically-based care while conducting research committed to finding cures and innovative treatments for childhood diseases. For more information, visit www.northshorelij.com/ccmcny.

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