Surgical Pavilion Makes Its Debut

Plainview Hospital has created a new center for surgical procedures on the hospital’s second floor.

The procedures performed in the new center will include gynecological and laparoscopic surgeries, among others. In the future, the center will accommodate additional surgical options, including more complex procedures for patients requiring a higher level of care.

Starting with a dedicated family-centered waiting room located within the surgical pavilion, patients will then be brought to the preoperative area where they will have their own private rooms. Surgeries will take place within the pavilion’s two state-of-the-art operating suites. Patients will then recover while being monitored in the six-bed, post-anesthesia care unit, which is also part of the patient-centered pavilion.

Many of the surgeries to be performed in the new pavilion will be outpatient procedures, although inpatient procedures can be performed there as well, explained Kate Brennan, RN, nurse manager of the pavilion.

“The people who have become familiar with Plainview Hospital and its employees can now also receive the surgical care they need from the medical providers they have come to know and trust,” said Winnie Mele, RN, associate executive director of perioperative services at Plainview.

For more information about the Plainview Hospital surgical pavilion, call 516-719-2620.

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