Surgeons from Southeast Asia visit The Heart Institute for peer-to-peer training on The McGinn Technique of MICS CABG

STATEN ISLAND, NY – Cardiothoracic surgeons from Southeast Asia visited The Heart Institute at Staten Island University Hospital, New York to be trained in performing Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery, Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (MICS CABG) a procedure that was pioneered by Dr. Joseph T. McGinn, cardiothoracic surgeon and Medical Director at The Heart Institute. Since 2007, Dr. McGinn has trained over 250 surgeons through the Cardiac Surgery Academia Training program offered through Medtronic. It is designed to expand the awareness and knowledge of this cutting edge procedure perfected by Dr. McGinn.

Attendees of this course are taught The McGinn Technique (Proximal Anastomosis), an off-pump MICS CABG procedure that ensures less trauma for the aorta. Similar to the standard MICS CABG, the procedure involves making small incisions between the ribs. However, in preparation for the procedure and to diminish stress and damage to the aorta, the systolic blood pressure is reduced to a figure between 90-100mm Hg making the aorta more supple.

Since 2005, Dr. McGinn has not only been focused on improving the lives of his patients, but also continuing the success of The McGinn Techinque by training other surgeons around the world. “The peer-to-peer course was truly meaningful," expressed Theodoros Kofidis, who took the training course in early May. “Dr. McGinn and his team worked in a very dedicated and structured way.” Kofidis is a Senior Cardiothoracic Surgeon and Associate Professor at the Department of Surgery at Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine in Singapore. Dr. Kofidis visited Cleveland Clinic and had discussed similar techniques with other industry professionals prior to learning The McGinn Technique, but believes that, “The Heart Institute offers the most comprehensive training in MICS CABG in the world.”

At The Heart Institute, peer-to-peer training is offered 1-2 times a month and consists of a live surgery course followed by a Q&A session. Distinguished doctors from the best heart care hospitals in the world such as Cleveland Clinic and the Methodist Debakey Heart Center as well as doctors from around the world has completed their training with Dr. McGinn.

Dr. McGinn performed his first MICS CABG procedure in 2005 and to this day, over 750 procedures have been successfully completed at The Heart Institute. For more information on Dr. McGinn, MICS CABG, or The Heart Institute, please contact Richard A. Clarke, at 917-868-1407, or by email: [email protected].

About The McGinn Technique 

The McGinn Technique is an innovative way of performing MICS CABG without damaging the aorta.  This less invasive method is completed through three small incisions made in strategic sections that allow access to the vital areas of the procedure. The many notable benefits of MICS CABG include:  shorter hospital stays, faster recovery, and the elimination of sternotomy. As a result it has become the preferred technique over traditional open-heart surgery that is performed over 500,000 times each year. 
About The Heart Institute

The Heart Institute opened in 2001 and currently operates at the North Campus of Staten Island University Hospital at 475 Seaview Avenue. It is one of the nation’s leading heart hospitals known for its pioneering techniques in heart surgery, angioplasties and electrophysiology (Afib) in addition to its most advanced diagnostic technologies, post-surgical outpatient care and cardiac prevention programs. Procedures include coronary bypass operations, heart valve repair/replacements, angioplasties, cardiac ablations and cardiac catheterizations.






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