The Super Bowl — A Four-Quarter Feast

While Americans debate the east-versus-west coast battle on Sunday and more than 100 Super Bowl players push their bodies to the max, most of us will be practicing hand-to-mouth drills — even though more than 60 percent of our country is already overweight.

During the Super Bowl, our best efforts at healthy eating can take their own commercial break. The caloric spread on game day may be tempting, but you don’t have to derail your healthy lifestyle to enjoy yourself.

To fight the urge to pig out during the big pigskin play-off, curb your appetite with a small meal before the party and bring some healthy choices with you. And remember alcohol’s caloric punch: The average 12-ounce beer contains 153 calories. To burn 153 calories, it takes 42 minutes of leisurely walking, 17 minutes of jogging or 13 minutes of swimming.

Most of all, savor the game and the gathering. Take the time to enjoy food rather than sprinting through it. Participate in conversation. Put down your fork (or chicken wing) and engage with family and buddies. Let your body realize it is full. The slower you eat, the less likely you are to go back for more.

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