Sugary Drinks Can Shorten Your Life

SYOSSET, NY – A New York nutritionist says a recent study showing that regular consumption of sugary drinks can take about five years off your life should serve as a wake-up call that there are healthy alternatives out there.

An American Journal of Public Health study says that sugar can help to stunt the growth of a person’s genes, which can speed up the aging process. 
“One can of soda contains about the number of grams of sugar that a man should have on a daily basis,” says Eric Sieden, director of nutrition at Plainview and Syosset hospitals. Men should have about 35 grams of sugar and women should have about 25 grams of sugar, Mr. Sieden says. 
 “Though you will probably gain weight or you may not gain weight, depending on your metabolism, from the empty calories that you’re taking in, the sugar will have an impact on your aging process and that’s proven,” Mr. Sieden says.
As an alternative to sodas, people can drink seltzer and water. He also said some fruit juices were OK, depending on their sugar content, and pointed out that grapefruit juice has one of the lowest amounts of sugar.

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